8354 Snow Hill Road, Ooltewah, TN 37363


C & R Roofing, LLC is a family owned business located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have been serving the Chattanooga area since 1985 with a long list of satisfied customers.
Here is what a few have to say about us and our service:

I have been trying to get around to putting a new roof on my house for 3 yrs. I was worried about who to use. I looked on the Better Business Bureau and found C & R Roofing was (highly recommended). Everyone did an excellent Job at a great price.  Thank You C. & R. Roofing and Crew


This is the 3rd time I have used C & R Roofing over the past 30 years for my roofing needs. The sales people are knowledgeable, helpful, professional and well organized. I am satisfied with the quality of materials used and am very satisfied with the quality of workmanship.

I would recommend this company to anyone. I would like to recognize Ruth Vincent, the owner, she has been very courteous and nice to work with. She deserves a compliment. Thank You Ruth and Your Crew


Last Fall I was selling my house and leaving town. During a house inspection I called C & R Roofing to come over and check it out. They found a few issues where the home was hit by straight line winds and needed to be replaced. The insurance company verified their findings and gave C & R the go ahead to perform the project. I had a new roof within 48 hours. Thank You C & R Roofing for getting the job completed.


The Salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful regarding my project. C & R Roofing is organized and professional. The Staff communicated with me effectively. I give the highest marks to the installation crew, they have quality workmanship skills. They are organized and professional. I am also satisfied with the quality of materials used and I feel I received a fair value for my money. I give a special recognition to Mike Hailey for being professional and customer service oriented.


Yes I would recommend C & R Roofing to anyone that needs a roof. Mike Hailey and the roofing crew were excellent. They were great and did the job well and were very professional.


I am overall very satisfied with the outcome of our roof on my commercial building. I am most satisfied with the owner she was very honest and forthright during the complete process. Yes I would recommend C & R Roofing to others.

Business owner