When the roofers at C & R Roofing, LLC work on your roof replacement, we’ll strip it down to the decking and confirm that the underlying wood is secure and strong. We’ll keep you updated about the cost throughout the roofing process.

We use top-quality products on your roof replacement, and we’ll make sure that your roof has proper ventilation so the five-year labor warranty remains valid. Ventilation ensures that heat escapes through the roof, thus extending its service life.

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We never cover up worn-out roofs with new roofing material

Reroofing is a common solution to repair aging roofs. This involves laying down new shingles over old ones and creating a layered effect. We only do roof tear-off and replacement work.

The tear-off method is better than reroofing because:

Your roof will be completely new rather than patched together
It lasts a lot longer than the typical reroofing job
Full replacement adds more resale value to your home
Reroofing adds weight and seals in heat in your attic
It’s a lot harder to track down leaks on a roof that has multiple layers

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